Nature in urban habitats


The biodiversity richness of Prekmurje and the whole region along the river Mura has been known for a long time and has been also recently internationally acknowledged. Among the most known animal and plant species of this region are the White Stork, the Moor Frog, the White Water-Lilly, Snake,s Head Fritillary and many other species which have become highly endangered due to the human interferences into their natural environment. However, most of these animal and plant species and many different habitats that can be found along the river Mura are very poorly known to the local inhabitants. Thus, the project Urbanatura has been created as an important tool to aware and inform the local and foreign public about the biodiversity of the area around river Mura.


Settlements, villages and towns, the human infrastructure in general, seem rather strange to natural world from our point of view. But just think about the variety of birds living in the trees near our homes, or Swallows nesting under the house-roof, or the abundance of different Butterflies and Bees buzzing along beautiful flowers on the balconies, gardens and flower beds? The secret and hidden natural life of urban areas is very important part of European biodiversity and as such it is also recognized within the nature conservation and protection. Many animal species found a new shelter in urban areas throughout the european cities (good example for this is Peregrine Falcon), thus finding safe haven for themselves and their offspring. Many animal and plant species had to find new, substitute places to live since humans have destroyed their natural living places, hence the urban areas have become their new homes.


The "Nature in urban areas- Urbanatura" Project combines the natural world with the anthropogenic (human) world. Within urban areas those two worlds interact with each other and they complete each other as well. "Urbanatura" enables you to get important information about the natural world in specific urban areas within the Local Action Group "For Good People" in one place. So, what can you use this platform for?

1. It provides you with the information in a clear and rather simple way about the Fungi, Animals, Plants and Habitats in selected urban areas in Prekmurje region.

2. It provides you with a distribution map of species and habitats in selected urban areas in Prekmurje region.

3. You can use it as a simple picture determination key to recognize different species.

4. It provides you with a variety of photos that ease the species determination.

5. It enables you to access the species distribution data and creates a data base for different expert or amateur naturalists.

6. It promotes the natural world of this part of Slovenia.

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We wish this platform to be alive among the users so we want you not only to use it as an information platform but also to help us in upgrading it:

- send us your photos of nature (plants, fungi, animals, habitats...) and we will post them,

- tell us about your observations and discoveries in the nature and we will publish them,

- point out any imperfections or mistakes that we can improve or correct.

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